Author: Yossi Belz

A Child’s Cry

Rabbi Yisrael Ba’al Shem Tov lived from 1700 to 1760 and was the founder of Hassidut. He was one of the greatest mystics known in the history of Judaism. Very few documents written by him still exist but many stories and...

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Wearing Tefillin

Our personalities are made up of three layers- the intellect, emotion and action. These layers correspond to what we think, feel and do. Intellect includes my opinions on issues, my philosophies on life and my attitude towards...

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The Power of the Mezuzah

The Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote an open letter to the Jewish women and girls of the world on Rosh Chodesh Elul in the year 1976. His letter was written in response to Operation Entebbe which was a hostage-rescue mission carried out...

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