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600,000 Letters in the Torah?

It is traditional to teach that there are 600,000 letters in a Torah scroll. However, if one were to count the letters, one actually finds that in a Torah scroll that are just over half of that amount- to be precise, there are...

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Making a Torah

The Scribe Scribes of Torah scrolls are highly trained, well-learned and skillful people. In order to be a scribe of Torah scrolls, one must learn and know the laws pertaining to composing a Torah scroll perfectly. It is also of...

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Torah according to the Sages

Torah is a Hebrew word. It’s root is the Hebrew word Yorah which means teaching. It is the word used to refer to the five books of Moses as well as the oral tradition that accompanies it. The Jewish people view the Torah...

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Torah Study in Judaism

Torah Study is the study by Jewish people of the Written and Oral Torah. Traditional Jews view the study of Torah as equal to all the commandments in the Bible. The word Torah comes from the word Hora’ah which means...

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