Hi Everybody!

Sorry for being busy lately  in sending your orders out on time! 🙂  But we didn’t forget our tradition! We are happy to introduce you today to the lovely lady Keshet, running her own blog http://www.keshetstarr.com/ . We loved her content, so here she is, telling us a thing or two about “living a creative life” 🙂

Every November, as magazines start to talk about the Thanksgiving holiday, my friends guest post by Keshet and I can’t help ourselves and laugh. The magazines discuss how to prepare the traditional meal: a turkey, some sides, a dessert, maybe a salad–and break it down over days and weeks, into multiple steps. In Orthodox homes, we
make a version of Thanksgiving EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

It is a lot of work–but also so much fun to sit down and enjoy with family and friends!

<h2>So here’s my own “Pre-Shabbos” breakdown of what I do when as a full time working mama!</h2>

Monday: On this day, we try to finalize our Shabbos plans, whether that be going out for a meal, having family, arranging a potluck, or inviting friends over.
Then at night, I menu plan for both Friday night and Shabbos day meals, as well as the coming week. Every few weeks, I get bored of all my recipes and look
through cookbooks to get ideas!

Tuesday: Nothing!

Wednesday: My groceries get delivered in the evening after work, and I unpack and then usually get started cooking! I’ve found that making even one or two
dishes Wednesday night makes it a much shorter night on Thursday!

Thursday: This is the mega cooking marathon. After work, putting kids to bed, and dinner, I arm myself with my bluetooth and my iPad and start whipping up
recipes! By the time the last dish is washed, it’s usually close to midnight, although my husband often helps me out by doing the final push while I get ready
for bed–he is also my sous chef!

Friday: Today, I set the table, clean up the kitchen, and generally try to make sure my house is not a disaster.

Saturday night: Hubby does the cleanup!

So that is my weekly Shabbos plan!​​​