AJudaica.com boasts a large selection of over 10 000 Judaica items shipped to customers worldwide directly from Israel. But no, we did not start out that way.


Today, a considerable number are sold daily throughout the year! Those items were soon followed by tallits, candlesticks, Kiddush cups, challah boards and covers, kippas and, our favorite – Israeli art and jewelry.

So what’s new  in July-August 2015?

In anticipation of the upcoming High Holiday season, our focus is on beauty. After spending hours searching out the top up-and-coming Israeli jewelry designers,
we’ve hand-picked the cream of the crop and are in the midst of a lengthy process of adding their products to our online store. Our staff of British, American
and Canadian copywriters spend hours daily writing and polishing informative, descriptive and even amusing texts to accompany each and every piece of jewelry
so that customers can make more informed decisions.

A bit about our newest curated collections:

ESTER SHAHAF, a Tel Aviv graduate and accomplished Judaica designer, has just

Oriental Earrings

Oriental Earrings

released a new line of ultra-feminine, ultra-chic earrings and necklaces.  Take her Pink and Red Oriental Earrings for instance – their dangling shape and deliciousshades of pink give these eye-catching shoulder-brushing earrings a distinctively feminine look. Swarovski crystals give the finishing touch to her scrumptiously chic pieces of jewelry.



natural beauty

EDITA, a lawyer by profession who always found time to sculpt, paint and create, has also released a new and exciting line of classic and contemporary necklaces, bracelets and earrings. EDITA believes in the right of every woman to make the most of herself with jewelry that chosen with thought and care will enhance her natural beauty. She strives to make her low-cost jewelry, which comprise of semi-precious pearls and stones, as accessible as possible to every



piritual and attractive

Responding to the surging interest in Kabbala, we’ve expanded our kabbala jewelry section. HA’ARI, an oh-so-popular Kabbalah designer from Tel Aviv has a slew of new necklaces that are both spiritual and attractive. Boasting hand-engraved Kabbalistic prayers and verses, HaAri jewelry is the perfect gift for any Kabbalah lover.




household items

Aside from jewelry, we’ve introduced what we feel is one of our most exciting and promising Judaica designers by the name of BARBARA SHAW. There’s never been nything like her before – her household items are original and humorous, and fuse the ancient with the most modern. Her “schlep” tote bag has become a classic, as has her “Gever” mug and “Besteh Balebusteh” apron. Her “Abba Sababa” mug is a best-seller, and let’s not get started on her Alef Bet collection. Her Israeli-themed baby and kids items will bring a smile to your face. A real must-see on our website!

With all the exciting new products being added daily to aJudaica.com, we invite you to join our growing number of customers – veteran and new – who are
discovering that this web site is the perfect source for all their Judaica needs.