Those living in Israel who have visitors from outside of Israel will often be asked where they recommend them going to buy Judaica items. I’m always at a loss when asked because Judaica items are not really items that I buy frequently. I have decided to put together a list of some of the best Judaica stores in Jerusalem and hope that it can prove useful for those visiting.In addition, for those unable to visit Israel I have included a few of the best Judaica websites at the end so that you too can enjoy from Judaica from Israel without even having to leave your armchair!

For those living in Israel, the above question is a popular one with visitors. I have realized that I may have been living here for quite a number of years but seeing as I don’t buy Judaica on a regular basis, I never really know what to answer. Here is the list of a few places that can be interesting for you to visit!


My personal favorite, the Moriah store is a really large Judaica shop and bookstore. If you happen to be visiting the Old City of Jerusalem make sure to pop in to the store which is conveniently located at the top of the huge staircase leading down to the Wailing Wall. I can literally spend hours in this store browsing the books there and their Judaica collection is very impressive too.

Address: 40 Misgav Ladach Street

Phone: 02-628-5267

Hours: 10:00-20:00, Friday 10:00-15:00, closed Saturday


Another well-loved store is Manny’s which is located in Meah Shearim and carries huge amounts of books on Jewish subjects in both English and Hebrew. They also have an engraving service whereby one can buy one of their beautiful prayer-books and then get it personalized with an engraving. Please be sensitive of the fact that the bookstore is located in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood and dress accordingly (long sleeves, closed necklines and skirts that cover the knees for women).

Address: 17 Meah Shearim Street

Phone: 02-537-5623

Hours: 9:00-19:30, Fri 9:00-14:00, Closed Saturday

Avi Luvaton

The Avi Luvaton Gallery is located in the David Citadel Hotel and has another branch in the Mamilla Avenue. Luvaton has over twenty years of experience in creating pieces of Judaica art and his name certainly goes before him. He toys with combinations of the traditional and modern and incorporates a wide spectrum of colors and shapes.

Address: 7 King David Street

Phone: 02-623-6056

Azoulay Art

Every time I walk past the studio shop of Azoulay Art which is located in the gorgeous Nachalat Shiva neighborhood, I find it hard to tear myself away from the stunningly delicate paper cuts that are just incredible to look at. Apart from the paper cuts, the studio also displays Mezuzot, Ketubot and other artwork.

Address: 5 Yoel Solomon Street

Phone: 02-623-3918

Baltinester Jewelry and Judaica

Baltinester Jewelry is centrally located in Jerusalem and has been selling high-quality Judaica for over five decades. Their products are great for a variety of budgets and they have created a name for themselves among international visitors to the capital city for their fine contemporary jewelry. They also specialize in custom-made jewelry with fair prices.

Address: 31 Jaffa Street

Phone: 02-625-2967


Owned by Mark Bar-On, a wide selection of Judaica products are sold in this store and is located in the heart of the Old City in the Cardo. The store has been open since 1984 and among the hundreds of unique products are prayer shawls and other items for religious use.

Address: The Cardo, Old City

Phone: 02-617-4949

Ilanit Art

Located in the Mahane Yehuda Market, Ilanit Art sells the products of jewelry designer Ilanit Elisha Avigail which are inspired by the Indian and Pakistani roots of her family. There are also leather bags and belts on sale in the store that are the work of other Israeli designers.

Address: 6 Hatut Street, Mahane Yehuda

Phone: 052-420-8809/10


Solo is located in the Mamilla Avenue and sells local and international products, from office gadgets to Judaica items. For those who appreciate design and d?cor, Soho is a must, with its wide range of products, styles and prices.

Address: 11 Shlomo Hamelech Street

Phone: 03-688-1080

Hours: 10:00-22:00, Friday 9:30-14:30, Saturday 1 hour after Shabbat-23:00

Judaica Websites for those unable to visit Israel


home page A great website for purchasing Judaica, jewelry by Israeli designers Ayala Bar and Laly and even hand-made dolls!


For those looking for high quality Jewish ritual items and Judaica pieces, this website provides a large variety and their prices are very reasonable.Canaan on-line, gifts by Israli artists


This website has an extensive collection of Judaica, art, Dead Sea cosmetics and jewelry. They specialize in products by Israeli artists, some of which sell their products exclusively to them.


ART is based in Neve Tzedek and they have hundreds of items available including handmade items that are exclusive to them.


The Gabrieli Tallit Art and Judaica store has an impressive line of hand-woven, hand-loomed Tallitot that are made from silk, cotton or wool.

Shopinisrael-This fabulous website has a huge list of websites that sell Judaica- you are sure to find what you need through it.