The Magic of Candles

It is not by chance that many religions prominently feature candles in their rituals and festivals. There is something captivating about the little candle that can have a human-being sit opposite it for hours on end just gazing into its flame. The candle, which reduces in wax as it is burned but not in flame, seems to be wonderful reflection of the human soul- as the human-being grows older and weaker and his body starts to fail him, his soul remains eternally young. Many people who don’t necessarily associate themselves with a certain religion find themselves compelled to light candles. We’ll explore some of the spirituality associated with candles and how lighting a candle can provide one with a sense of inner-peace, tranquility and happiness.

Candles representing Souls

First of all, there are certain religions that light candles on the anniversary of the passing of a loved one or even of a revered person who is not directly related to them. This beautiful tradition reflect the idea in the above paragraph of the person’s body disintegrating but their soul living on. For those who are mourning the loss of a family member, friend or respected community member, they may find that lighting a candle on the anniversary of their death is a wonderful way to commemorate that person and sitting by that candles for a few minutes, thinking about them, about how they influenced us in this world and about what we would like to do so as to carry on their name is a special way to honor them.

Candles increasing Happiness

On to happier occasions- many religions light candles on festivals and holy days, ushering in the day by increasing light in their home. This idea can also be incorporated by people who don’t associate with a certain religion- they can light candles in their home and enjoy the tranquility that the candles bring into the home. In addition, scented candles and colored candles can bring additional satisfaction and pleasure.

Meditating with Candles

Sometimes, people will light candles when they want to have some alone time, thinking aloud or to themselves as they take stock of their lives and the direction they are headed in. It can be a wonderfully spiritual feeling to light a candle every so often and to just look at the flame and allow the mind to wander. Althernatively, there are those who will actually meditate while looking into the flame. A few minutes of relaxing in front of a candle can do wonders for a person and can give them the strength to continue on in their busy, hectic day.

Candles for Couples

One mustn’t forget the wonderful atmosphere that candles can create for couples. Candles can be used on special date nights at home, for candlelit suppers and for a relaxing evening at home with just the two of you. Candlelight is an especially flattering light and instantly creates a special atmosphere, allowing both of you to relax and enjoy some quality sime together. The root of every good marriage and happy household is the bond between the husband and wife- the physical and spiritual bond and candles can be a wonderful way to work on the spiritual bond between the two of you.

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