Each Jewish holiday has its own Segulot that accompany it. Segulot is the plural of the word Segula which originally appears in the book of Exodus (19:5) as well as in Deuteronomy (7:6) where G-d uses this word to refer to the Jewish nation- it is commonly translated in that case to mean treasure. Its modern-day usage refers to charms- or as the commentator Ohr ha-Chaim (Chaim ibn Attar) explains- a Segula is a charm that supersedes logic.

Hanukkah too has its special Segulot and it is always good to read about them before and during the holiday so as to be able to put them to use during the special time of Hanukkah…
Israeli Hannukah candles

  • It is considered important to sit opposite the lit Hanukkah candles for a full half hour after lighting and to look at the flames. This action is regarded as a Segula for the healing of one’s soul and one’s fears. It is related that the light of the Hanukkah candles is connected to the light that G-d created at the time of creation that was hidden away and will be revealed only at the End of Days- because this unique light was created before the idea of fear was brought in to the world, looking in to the Hanukkah lights is supposed to alleviate fears.
  • Rabbi Yair Chaim Bacharach (1639-1702) promised that women who sit by the Hanukkah candles for a half hour will merit peace of mind for the entire year a rare commodity in our days…
  • It is also related that the very first half hour of when the Hanukkah candles burn is considered an especially auspicious time for prayer the angels are believed to sit above the candles and take the prayers directly up to Heaven
  • The Slonimer Rebbe wrote that for those who have seen immodest sights- which is unfortunately almost unavoidable today looking in to the flames of the Hanukkah candles erases those images from one’s memory
  • It is considered important to use olive oil when lighting the Menorah as olive oil is known for blessing the user with a good memory, wisdom and children who will rise above others in their wisdom in the same way that the olive oil floats above the water
  • The Rabbi of Rodzin explained that there is a tremendous Segula on the eighth night of Hanukkah for those wanting an easy childbirth or children. He said that the things that the most righteous could not get granted at Neilah on Yom Kippur can be asked for by the simpleton on the eighth night of Hanukkah. Those who wish to be blessed with children should recite the verse from Psalms 80 that reads, “G-d of Hosts, return, we beseech You, look from the heaven and behold be mindful of this vine.” The vine is in reference to the woman who wishes to be as fruitful as a vine.

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