The Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote an open letter to the Jewish women and girls of the world on Rosh Chodesh Elul in the year 1976.

His letter was written in response to Operation Entebbe which was a hostage-rescue mission carried out by the Israeli army at Entebbe Airport, Uganda. This was a week after an Air France plane was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and flown to Entebbe. On landing, all non-Jewish passengers were free to go. The Israelis succeeded in saving 103 hostages. Tragically four hostages, five Israeli commandos and an Israeli commander lost their lives during the operation.

The Rebbe viewed the operation as proof that Jews worldwide must strengthen their security, both spiritual and physical. The Rebbe explained that every Jewish house needed the best possible security system available.  Who else provides this apart from the Almighty? G-d promised us that He will dwell among us. The Rebbe explained that fulfillment of  the commandment to affix a Mezuzah to the doorways in one’s house will protect those dwelling there.

The Mezuzah doesn’t only  protect the house’s inhabitants when they are within its four walls. It also protects them when they venture out into the world. As we are assured in Psalms, “ה’ ישמור צאתך ובואך מעתה ועד עולם”, “G-d will guard your going and coming from now and forever”.

Furthermore, the three Hebrew letters on the back of the parchment inside the Mezuzah are Shin, Daled and Yud. They spell out the words “Shomer Daltot Yisrael”, meaning “Guardian of the Doors of Israel” referring to G-d’s protection of the Jewish people.

The Rebbe emphasized that the affixing of each and every Mezuzah provides Divine protection not only for the inhabitants of that specific home, but also for Jewish people everywhere.

The Rebbe’s words were relevant in the days that he wrote them and are relevant just as much over thirty years later. We are living in a turbulent, unstable world. Tsunamis, earthquakes, murders, corruption and terrorism have become run-of-the-mill. In this confusing and often painful period one can’t help but wonder how one can protect himself from the dangers crouching at every corner.

The timeless message of the Mezuzah is clear. The Mezuzah is our own special security system. It is our reminder to ourselves of the Almighty who is eternally looking down on us and watching us, his children.

So what are you waiting for?  Purchase a Mezuzah, invest in a beautiful one and let it remind you, day in, day out, of the only One who can protect and shelter you in today’s world.