New Home

In Judaism, a home is not simply a roof over your head, a safe-haven in the dynamic, fast-moving world- Judaism views the house as a mini Temple. Literally. Centuries ago the Temple stood in Jerusalem and that was the focal point of the Jewish people. Jewish festivals would be celebrated en masse and offerings were offered up every day, with the Levite tribe entrusted with the upkeep of G-d’s home. There were two Temples and both of them were destroyed. The Jewish people pray every day, three times a day, for the rebuilding of the Third and Final Temple. Until then, their communal gathering places are the Synagogue, where Jewish males pray three times a day and men, women and children pray on the Sabbath day- Saturday. However, Judaism does not view the Synagogue as the  center to Jewish life and continuity. Rather, the Jewish home is just that. 

The G-dly Presence…i n the Jewish Home

When a couple gets married, they are blessed that the G-dly presence should rest between them always in their house. In the Temple the G-dly presence rested between the cherubim and parallels are drawn between the cherubim and husband and wife. The Jewish home is considered sacred, a place where education starts from the very first day that a child is born, a place where Jewish val ues and ethics are instilled and a place where the love of G-d, his people and his teachings are present.

Jewish Gifts for the Home

Much thought goes in to what a Jewish couple allows in to their home. Not every outside influence is allowed to seep in, if their effect is considered detrimental to the education of the children of the house and contrary to the values that the parents wish to educate them in. When visiting a Jewish home it is worthwhile checking what standard the family keeps to and if you wish to bring a gift it is worthwhile checking out options on Jewish websites or in Jewish shops for appropriate options.

Some Ideas for Jewish Gifts for the Home…


  • * Firstly, if you will be visiting the Jewish family for or around the time of a festival, a festival-themed gift is a lovely idea. Gifts for the holidays of Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Purim, Sukkot and Simchat Torah are available in abundance and it is worthwhile checking out our essay that is dedicated to the subject of Jewish Gifts for Holidays to get a better idea of what you could bring.
  • * A Wall Hanging such as a Hamsa, Star of David and House Blessing are all nice, especially for a new house.

Well, we hope these ideas have given you some food for thought. Check out our article on Jewish Gifts for Birthdays if you need some inspiration for a more personal Jewish Gift…