Q: Is it permitted to light my Menorah at a friend/relative’s house?

A: One may only light one’s Menorah at a relative or friend’s house if one is sleeping over at their house. If one intends to sleep in one’s own home then one must light there and nowhere else.

Q: What if I am away on business for part of Chanukah but my family remains at home?

A: One’s wife or son over the age of Bar Mitzvah must light the Menorah at home. According to the letter of the law, the husband’s obligation is fulfilled through this and doesn’t need to light for himself. However, the custom is for him to also light wherever he is sleeping but he only makes the blessings if he lights his Menorah earlier than the time that the Menorah is lit in his home. If he lights after the time the Menorah is lit in his home he should not recite the blessings but should listen and answer to someone else who recites the blessings wherever he is.

Q: What about if a woman is away from home during Chanukah but her husband is lighting at home?

A: The wife’s obligation is fulfilled through her husband’s lighting at home and she doesn’t need to light her own Menorah. It is preferable that she also try to hear the blessings be recited by someone else wherever she is.

Q: What if the wife is home and her husband will only arrive later on in the evening?

A: In this case there are two options:

  1. The wife can wait for her husband to return home and light the Menorah
  2. The wife can light the Menorah before her husband comes home at the right time and subsequently exempt him from lighting when he arrives. In such a case, he should try to also hear the blessings being recited by someone else.

Q: What if husband and wife go away together for a few days during Chanukah?

A: In such a case they should light the Menorah wherever they are staying. If anyone else remains at home, they should also light for themselves.

Q: What if an unmarried person sleeps away from home?

A: A man should light a Menorah wherever he sleeps. A woman should become a partner in the lighting of the family where she is staying. If she is lodging alone she must light her own Menorah.