Hey dear friends and customers,

What a whirlwind month it’s been at aJudaica.com.
As many of you know, our very own Yossi is currently serving with the Golani Brigade near Gaza. But even with him away, our warehouse in Bnei Brak hasn’t missed a beat (B”H).
We are trying to stay strong and keep business as usual, despite all the craziness happening around us

Credit: Yossi Belz, co-owner at aJudaica.com at friend’s place collecting donations for his brigade

Credit: In a touching moment, the brigade’s Rabbi stands beside a soldier proudly holding a Tzizit, generously donated by Yossi Belz, the co-owner of aJudaica.com, to support his brigade’s soldiers

We’ve hit some bumps along the way, especially with shipping. Many international airlines aren’t currently flying to Israel, but thank goodness for El Al, ensuring our packages reach you no matter what.

Speaking of packages, we’ve noticed so many of you ordering Chai and Magen David necklaces and pendants. It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see that even with rising antisemitism worldwide, our community stands tall and proud. We’re not just wearing our faith;  we’re showcasing it with pride, like lions facing adversity head-on.

Uriel is holding down the fort at the warehouse, making sure all your orders are dispatched promptly. Every time we pack one of those Israeli flags, necklaces, pins, or pendants, it feels like a tiny victory, a reminder of our strength and unity.

Credit: Uriel Sela, co-owner at aJudaica.com helping out the Bnei-Brak team to pack your orders to be delivered asap

Credit: aJudaica’s Silver Magen David pendant best seller on their website www.aJudaica.com

For those of you wanting to contribute even more, we’re setting up a donation link for Yossi’s Golani Brigade . Every bit of support for our troops goes a long way and means so much to us. 

Lastly, if you could, please send us pictures of you wearing the items you’ve purchased. In challenging times like these, seeing your photos genuinely warms our hearts. Your support and pride shine through, and they’re the best morale boosters we could ask for.

Stay strong, stand tall, and always remember: Am Israel Hai !!!