Skype will bring our family together this year for the Chanuka candle-lighting ceremony. Again. For the fifth year in a row! 🙂

Mom and Dad in Montreal, cousin Jennifer in Ottawa, brother-in-law Jose in Bogota, cousin Ilya in Moscow and uncle David in Georgia.
Oh, yeah, and us in Elad, Israel!

It’s great- out comes the popcorn, the donuts, the sufganiyot, the soft drinks, the dreidels, and, best of all, the Paul Zim CDs! Gotta love Mom’s thoughtful musical accompaniment choices.

We really do go a bit crazy, sporting chanukia crowns that we all hand-craft especially for the occasion. Dad’s crown was the best last year- he glued 8 Cuban cigars to the brim of his visor hat- we laughed so much! It was awesome.

I was stuck for over an hour in a traffic jam yesterday. I was so bored, I began imaging myself smoking one of those Cuban cigars! As my iPhone’s battery had died and I could
not wile the time away on Facebook or WhatsApp, I actually closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift away and think and think and think.

Zeide once took me on his lap. I must have been 6 or 7 at the time. “Revital, dear! Do you know why we light those candles each year?” He pointed to the melting wax with tiny flames standing tall near his window. “Yes! So you can give me Chanuka gelt.” I could not then fathom why I sent him on a minute-long belly laugh… “I’ll tell you why. Chanuka is from the Hebrew root Chinuch and LaChnoch- Education and Rededication.”


The words reverberated in my soul. Maybe it’s time to reassess the way I educate. To WhatsApp my friends or to check what’s up with the kids? Do I even know my sons’ favorite colors?
Hoooooooonk!!! I figured the traffic jam was over, but I was far from finished assessing and reassessing. In the words of my dear Zeide: Education and Rededication.

I’ll have to mention that at this year’s Skype-athon!

Speaking of my family’s fun Chanuka Skype-athon, I’d love to tell you a bit about all the new and exciting Chanukah menorahs and dreidels here at!
Chuga-chuga-choo-choo! Renowned Israeli Judaica designer Yair Emanuel’s innovative Train Menorah is fun- and it’s not exclusively for children. When no one’s looking, make sure to chug the chanukiah along the table. It’ll be incredible therapy!

Dorit Klein, an upscale Judaica designer living on a picturesque moshav, is absolutely in love with pomegranates. Seriously, most of her gorgeous Judaica items are jam-packed Pomegranate-Design-Menorawith them.
Pretty in pastel blue, with hints of reds and greens, her Colorful Pomegranate Design Menorah makes for a charming addition to any menorah collection.

If you’re in the mood for something “traditional-plus”, I would advise the Star of David Menorah by Avi Gifts. The central theme here is the Star of David, symbol of Israel and  Star-of-David-Menorah
Jews worldwide. But what really gets me is the intricate filigree work on either side of the large star’s triangle sides.

To generate a real ‘wow’ effect, the Arabesque Chanukah Menorah by Paldinox is gorgeous and different from the masses.

Whatever you choose, just recall: Education and Re-dedication. That’s the root of Chanuka, and the root of our Tradition.Train-Menorah