Looking for a uniquely creative, totally unforgettable Rosh HaShana gift?

Our new Shofar Gift Set is impressive and makes for a completely attractive set.
Featuring a polished ram’s horn shofar, velvet shofar bag, information pamphlet,

Shofar Odor Neutralizer spray and attractive gift box, this Shofar Gift Set is striking, yet affordable.


Our four shofar gift set options include: a Natural Ram’s Horn Shofar, a Polished Ram’s Horn Shofar, a Natural Black Shofar and a Polished Black Ram’s Horn.
Each option is offered in two sizes: 13”-15” and 16”-17”.

What’s your earliest memory of hearing the sound of a shofar? Did you tremble? Were you awe-struck? The shofar evokes memories and yearnings.

Just as the shofar is bent, so too should a person strive for humility, bending his ego. The haunting cry of the shofar, the three unique blasts, beckon, summon us to return to our Creator.


Jerusalem- city of gold. World-renowned Judaica designer Yair Emanuel’s Jerusalem shofar bag is as creative as it is inspirational. The holy Western Wall is embroidered in
bold shades of beige, orange and copper, front and center. Beside it proudly stand a maze of walls, gates, domes, trees and staircases.
Truly an impressive bag for your kosher shofar!



Never again will you suffer from an unpleasant odor emitting from your shofar! Being that a shofar is infact a horn that was cut off a ram, its odor may be
reminiscent of the ram it originally came from. With our unique Odor Neutralizer spray, just spray the inside of the shofar 3-4 times and voila! No more odor!


This is a great guide that we created to help you maximize your enjoyment of your new shofar. Blowing techniques, explanations of the four shofar sounds and
more interesting facts fill this pamphlet with useful content.

All in all, we are sure that aJudaica’s Shofar Gift Set will be a gift to remember!