Many people who are unaware or unaffiliated with the Jewish religion are puzzled by the Jewish Jewelry symbols that they see Jewish people wearing around their neck, on their wrists or on their fingers. Some people have no connection whatsoever to Judaism yet find the Jewish Jewelry symbols to be quite beautiful and wish to purchase such accessories. Others wish to express their support for the Jewish people and Israel and do so by buying Jewish Jewelry yet would love to understand the meaning behind the symbols. Allow us to demystify the most popular Jewish Jewelry Symbols…

Star of David (Magen David in Hebrew)

Metal Star of David pendant
The Star of David is actually a relatively recent Jewish symbol. The Star of David is a six-pointed star made up of two triangles- one facing upwards and one downwards. A few centuries ago this symbol was not even associated with Jewish people and it has been known to be used by a few different religions. After it was chosen to be the central symbol on the Israeli national flag, it became associated with the modern State of Israel and Jewish people.

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The Mezuzah

Silver Mezuzah
The Mezuzah is an ancient Jewish symbol that is rooted in the Bible. G-d commanded the Jewish people to affix certain words from the Torah to their doorways and through the understanding of the Sages, this was understood to mean that a certain passage was to be inscribed on a piece of parchment and affixed to every doorway of a Jewish house. The Mezuzah is seen when entering and exiting each doorway and serves as a constant reminder of G-d’s watchful eye over the inhabitants of the house. Many choose to wear such a pendant to remind themselves of G-d’s unwavering love and protection.

Choshen (Breast-Plate)

The High Priest in the times of the Temple had special garments that he would wear. One of these garments was the Choshen- a breastplate which was fixed with twelve precious stones that each represented one of the twelve tribes of Israel. When the High Priest needed to know certain things, through the use of the Choshen he would learn the answers. There are many beautiful Choshen pendants on the market that people choose to wear so as to remind themselves of the different groups that make up Judaism and how they must work together in harmony.