• One should prepare the wicks and candles/oil before evening prayers if you light after the evening prayers or well before the time of lighting in order to light the Menorah at the correct time.Hanukkah Menorah

  • It is best to light the Menorah in the presence of as many people as possible so as to publicize the miracle as much as possible- this refers to people both inside and outside of the house.
  • On the first night of Hanukkah three blessings are recited; one on the lighting of the candles, one on the miracles of Hanukkah and one on the merit of reaching this special occasion.
  • On the last seven nights of Hanukkah, only the blessings over the candles and the miracles of Hanukkah are recited.
  • The blessings are recited before lighting the candles. The Shamash candle is lit before reciting the blessings and held as they are recited. Immediately after reciting the blessings, the Shamash should be used to light the rest of the candle and it is forbidden to speak between the recitation of the blessings and the completion of the lighting.
  • An ancient chant called “hanerot halalu” is recited either during or after the lighting of the candles.
  • There is a custom to sing Hanukkah songs such as “Maoz Tzur” after lighting the candles.
  • When setting up the Menorah, one should place the candles in the Menorah from right to left. When lighting, one lights from left to right, starting with the candle on the left and moving right.
  • Different customs exist with regard to placing the candles- some say one places them with regard to the observer from outside, others say it is in relation to the one lighting.
  • After the Menorah has been lit it should not be moved.
  • If one lit the Menorah in accordance with the requirements of the Jewish law and it was extinguished, one is not obligated to relight it but may do so without reciting the blessings.
  • If one lit the Menorah but not in accordance with the requirements of Jewish law or it was lit in a windy place and it blew out, one can relight it, providing it went out within half an hour of nightfall.
  • On Friday afternoon the Menorah should be lit before Shabbat candles are lit and Mincha (afternoon prayers) should be said before lighting if possible.