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Festival of Lights – You can be the one!

aJudaica is gearing up for the Festival of Lights – Chanukah – and invites you to join the fun! We ask and you answer this question: “Why do YOU deserve to WIN a stunning new Ester Shahaf Chanukah Menorah?”   So..What do I have to do to participate? 2 simple things: 1- “Like” This Post (button above) to leave your Facebook comment below:  2- Think of an  original, weird, funny or just straightforward reply, and maybe you’ll get to invite your family and friends for latkes on Chanukah after lighting your new Menorah! On November 25 (taking into consideration shipping time)...

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The Taxi That Rests

A man in our community passed away a few years ago at the age of 60. In our day and age, that means that he was at the prime of his life. Especially in a religious community, where he had recently married off a few children and had quite a few more left. Recently, a story came up about him that left me with goosebumps… Aaron Shapiro relates: “I entered a taxi the other day. I noticed a little plaque in Hebrew glued inside the taxi stating “This Taxi Observes Shabbat”. Aaron, being a very cheerful guy, clapped the taxi driver on...

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How I Prepare for Shabbos (aka: Thanksgiving Every Week)

Hi Everybody! Sorry for being busy lately  in sending your orders out on time! 🙂  But we didn’t forget our tradition! We are happy to introduce you today to the lovely lady Keshet, running her own blog . We loved her content, so here she is, telling us a thing or two about “living a creative life” 🙂 Every November, as magazines start to talk about the Thanksgiving holiday, my friends and I can’t help ourselves and laugh. The magazines discuss how to prepare the traditional meal: a turkey, some sides, a dessert, maybe a salad–and break it down over days and weeks, into multiple steps. In Orthodox homes, we make a version of Thanksgiving EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. It is a lot of work–but also so much fun to sit down and enjoy with family and friends! <h2>So here’s my own “Pre-Shabbos” breakdown of what I do when as a full time working mama!</h2> Monday: On this day, we try to finalize our Shabbos plans, whether that be going out for a meal, having family, arranging a potluck, or inviting friends over. Then at night, I menu plan for both Friday night and Shabbos day meals, as well as the coming week. Every few weeks, I get bored of all my recipes and look through cookbooks to get ideas! Tuesday: Nothing! Wednesday: My groceries get delivered in the evening after work, and...

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So what’s new in July-August 2015? Tons! boasts a large selection of over 10 000 Judaica items shipped to customers worldwide directly from Israel. But no, we did not start out that way.   Today, a considerable number are sold daily throughout the year! Those items were soon followed by tallits, candlesticks, Kiddush cups, challah boards and covers, kippas and, our favorite – Israeli art and jewelry. So what’s new  in July-August 2015? Tons!  In anticipation of the upcoming High Holiday season, our focus is on beauty. After spending hours searching out the top up-and-coming Israeli jewelry designers, we’ve hand-picked the cream of the crop and are...

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Creative Mommies

Hello dear readers and followers! Today we are thrilled to host on our blog the lovely lady Rivki Silver . She blogs on her own blog She has spent most of her life immersed in the study and instruction of music, but for the past seven years has been learning about marriage and motherhood.  She writes about relationships, parenthood, music and religion, as seen through the lens of an Orthodox Jewish woman.  Her writing can be found on,,  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter (@rivkisilver), or in the kitchen, trying to get her four kids to eat something 😉 So here is her interesting story: Many, many years ago, I was a music major. I would enter a practice room with some books, shut the door and stay in there, uninterrupted, for hours. After I would emerge from this meditative experience, I would exist in a sort of musical haze for some time afterward, still thinking about whatever Beethoven sonata or Brahms intermezzo I was working on at the time. If there was a piece I wanted to learn, all I had to do was go into that room and learn it! These days, that doesn’t happen.  I am a mother, you see. A mother of four small children. I am responsible for keeping the house running, which, even with weekly help, is an...

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