Author: Yossi Belz

Why I’m Overwhelmed by Planning for Avi’s Bar Mitzvah

             My best friend and I are complete opposites. I still recall her first bris, to my utter shock (and horror)! She finally had a son after four gorgeous girls. Her husband and she are what us Israelis endearingly label “clueless Americans”. Just the idea of putting together a bris in Israel overwhelmed them tremendously. You know, calling up Simcha halls, photographers, caterers, balooners, you name it. In the end, they called up their Rabbi when the baby was an elderly 6 days old and asked him to arrange the whole thing- in his house!...

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Skype-ing Chanuka ceremony!

Skype will bring our family together this year for the Chanuka candle-lighting ceremony. Again. For the fifth year in a row! 🙂 Mom and Dad in Montreal, cousin Jennifer in Ottawa, brother-in-law Jose in Bogota, cousin Ilya in Moscow and uncle David in Georgia. Oh, yeah, and us in Elad, Israel! It’s great- out comes the popcorn, the donuts, the sufganiyot, the soft drinks, the dreidels, and, best of all, the Paul Zim CDs! Gotta love Mom’s thoughtful musical accompaniment choices. We really do go a bit crazy, sporting chanukia crowns that we all hand-craft especially for the occasion....

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Why Our Shofar Gift Set is the Perfect Gift

Looking for a uniquely creative, totally unforgettable Rosh HaShana gift? Our new Shofar Gift Set is impressive and makes for a completely attractive set. Featuring a polished ram’s horn shofar, velvet shofar bag, information pamphlet, Shofar Odor Neutralizer spray and attractive gift box, this Shofar Gift Set is striking, yet affordable. SHOFAR Our four shofar gift set options include: a Natural Ram’s Horn Shofar, a Polished Ram’s Horn Shofar, a Natural Black Shofar and a Polished Black Ram’s Horn. Each option is offered in two sizes: 13”-15” and 16”-17”. What’s your earliest memory of hearing the sound of a shofar?...

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My ElAl Costume Fiasco & More

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Purim is felt in Israel about a month before the actual holiday. It’s great- Dollar Stores (or Shekel Stores, as they’re called here) are filled to capacity with wigs, cowboy hats, black hats with peyos (sidelocks) glued to them, Nachman white kippas, and more. The costumes sold span from the human- brides, princesses, soldiers, policemen- to the animal- bears, tigers, rabbits and cats. Mishloach manot are sold in jumbo supermarkets and range in price from 10 shekels to 600 shekels. (I wonder what my kids would do if they received a 600 NIS Mishloach...

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The Pacifier Tree

I admit it. My three-year-old is an addict. Yes, an addict. It’s a bit embarrassing, but true. Know why?! He’s still addicted to his binky. When asked how old he is, I sheepishly reply, “36 months”. It somehow seems more acceptable for a binky addict to be described in months rather than years! So now I’m desperately looking for a solution to this problem. Must solve! I read this fantastic article on Babycenter dot com offering 10 possible ways to help your little cutie-pie get rid of his/her binky. “Take it away early”, “Go cold turkey”, “make it taste...

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