Author: Revital Belz

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift – pt 2

I can still hear the joy in Moriah’s voice when she told me that she and Shai are engaged! Yossi and I are thrilled for them as they are full of excitement about setting up a Jewish home for the first time. It reminds us how we felt as a young couple, how we wanted to choose items we loved and needed. As I think about those days, I wonder what gift we should get for Moriah and Shai. As I think about our friends Moriah and Shai, who have just announced their engagement, I feel we must get...

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift

How wonderful it was to get the phone call from lovely Moriah last night to tell me she and Shai are getting married! He, so kind and studious, but with that twinkle in his eye, she so warm and friendly, I hope they will be a happy couple and build a beautiful home of Torah and mitzvot. As Moriah excitedly shared the wedding plans with me, I was overcome with great joy, and immediately started to think about what kind of gift I should get the young couple. A tablecloth? Challah cover? Seder plate? Soon I was deep in...

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The Beauty and Light of Hanukkah.

“Boys,” I say to the four sitting around the table, “let’s take out the Hanukkah things and make sure everything is in order.” Hanukkah is just around the corner, and I want to be ready. That means bringing out our beloved hanukkiot, candles, oils and wicks, and holiday decorations. The kids start emptying the boxes, oohing and ahhing over the different menorahs. Noam unwraps his Yair Emanuel multicolored train menorah, and a big smile lights up his face. “Ima, look,” he says, beaming. In our house, everyone has their own hanukkiah, and every night, just after nightfall, we light...

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Elul and Mezuzahs

“Ima, pick me up,” said Noam, he too wanted to kiss the mezuzah as we walked into the corner store to get some last-minute Shabbos treats. The older boys always kiss the mezuzah as we go in and out of doorways, and little Noam wanted to take part, too, being the big boy that he is. It’s not really a commandment, you know, kissing the mezuzah, though people think it is. It’s a commandment to put a mezuzah on your doors, but the kissing is optional. Nevertheless, lots of people do it, men and boys and women and girls,...

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There’s always time to say you’re sorry

  There’s a lot to learn during summer vacation “Imma,” asked Noam, our youngest at 5, “Can I get a new backpack for school and a Spiderman pencil case like Yair? And on the first day I want a chocolate sandwich on a big roll, with chocolate milk and, um, an apple. Or grapes. And can Abba bring me home? Or can I go to Eli’s house afterwards?” I was leaning down in front of Noam teaching him how to tie his shoes. This will be his first year in kindergarten, a big step for the youngest in the...

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